HVAC & Plumbing VIP Protection Plan

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Welcome to the Larsen HVAC & Plumbing VIP Protection Plan

Your plan is designed to make sure your home and HVAC equipment are “worry-free”. We make sure your appliances are running at peak efficiency and spot problems before they become disasters.


2 Tune-Ups Per Year

One in the spring for your AC units, and one in the fall for your furnace. PLUS: we’ll include a free basic* filter and installation for your first year. We follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to maximize your efficiency and identify any possible problems that could cause your systems to fail when you need them most.

Customized Energy Review

We’ll go through a detailed review of the equipment in your home and provide you with options to make your home more energy-efficient, earth-friendly, and easier on your pocketbook! Plus, we’ll include an annual review of the manufacturer and government rebates that you may qualify for.

Plumbing Systems Inspection

We’ll inspect and review each of your essential plumbing systems and potential high risk components, such as your hot water heater, hose bibs, toilets, garbage disposals, etc. to help make sure everything is in proper working order.

Premium Priority Service

VIP Members get priority scheduling, which means you will always be at the top of the list any time you need emergency service. Plus, members receive weekend and holiday appointments without needing to pay our rush service rates.
Exclusive Discounts! VIP Members get 10% OFF any repairs or services. Includes repairs or replacements on ALL of your HVAC equipment in your home, as well as humidifiers, air cleaners, and scrubbers, UV lights, HEPA filters, ductwork for basement finishes, gas line moves, and additions or extensions (e.g. fireplace), thermostat upgrades or replacement!

Only $249 per system or $449 for two years

Most members save as much as $300-$700 per year or even more when it comes time to replace any systems or equipment. Plus, you’ll see savings on your energy bills from our specialized tune-ups!

Call us today, at 801.915.5205 to enroll and we'll get your next tune-up on the calendar!



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