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Posted by Shawn Larsen | Whole House Humidifiers | Posted on October, 6. 2021
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    Did you know that there are a number of health problems that can result from dry air? Especially when the cold winter months arrive, it becomes easier for people to get sick due to the cool, dry air. Needless sickness and health problems can be prevented with the use of whole house humidifiers. Here is everything you need to know about house humidifiers and why it’s a smart idea to have them installed in your home.

    Why Do You Need a House Humidifier?

    Do you ever feel static in your hair or a shock when you try to touch objects or people? These are dead giveaways that the air inside your house is dry. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that the humidity levels inside a home should be between 30 to 50 percent. When using a humidifier to increase your home’s level of humidity, it’s best to use filtered water in your humidifier since unfiltered water can have potentially harmful microorganisms in it.

    Health and Comfort Problems as a Result of Dry Air

    According to experts, dry air can irritate existing conditions connected to the nose and lungs. Just a few of these conditions include:
    • Symptoms of hay fever

    • Persistent runny nose

    • Allergies and asthma

    • Dry throat

    • Sinus congestion

    • Nose bleeds
    However, these aren’t the only health-related issues you may face as a result of having dry air in your home. Other situations include:

    Quickly Spreading Infections and Viruses

    Contrary to what you might think, cold air doesn’t stop germs. The cold can actually make it easier for them to spread. This is because most types of viruses have some kind of protective capsule that protects them and only melts in hot conditions. Additionally, cold air can dry your nasal passages, leaving the sinuses open to viruses and infections.

    Dry Air Contributes to Snoring

    If you notice that the air in your bedroom is dry, it may cause snoring or make it worse. This happens as a result of a dry nasal membrane and throat and the dry air may also cause congestion. A combination of these conditions will lead to restricted airflow, which will cause the tissues in your throat to vibrate.

    May Cause Dry Skin

    The human body consists mostly of water and as such, dry conditions strip the moisture out of you, leaving chapped lips, dry skin, and possibly bloodshot eyes. Because your body relies on water, it needs the optimal amount to function well and feel great. Because the skin covers nearly the entire body, it’s often the first place where you’ll see the effects of dry air.

    How a Whole-Home Humidifier Can Solve these Problems

    Residents in the Salt Lake City area can benefit from a house humidifier in many ways, including:

    Reducing the Risk of Infections

    In a 2013 study, it was found that just raising your home’s humidity level to a minimum of 43% will keep you safe from around 85% of airborne viruses. This is because viruses and bacteria can’t travel quickly in moist air. Moisture is known to slow the movement of germs and will combine with moisture and drop as a result of the added weight. Because of this, it’s essential to have a humidifier to increase the humidity levels inside your home.

    Helping to Cut Down on Snoring

    If you breathe through your mouth, it can be hard to stop dryness from settling in and it’s virtually impossible when sleeping. However, using a humidifier will moisturize the air around you, helping to soothe the tissue that surrounds the throat. This can help to create a better environment for sleeping, allowing you to get better sleep while cutting down your snoring. Also, no one likes snoring. Do your significant other a favor and get a whole home humidifier to help prevent snoring.

    Helping to Moisturize Dry Skin

    As mentioned, cold air can dry out your skin, so the use of a humidifier can help to treat problems associated with dry skin by providing moisture to your skin. This is especially useful during the winter months when dry air is often combined with the use of furnaces. This can further drop the levels of your home’s humidity down to ten percent or less. Use a whole house humidifier to maintain a healthy environment while bringing moisture back into your home.

    Install Your Whole Home Humidifier with Larsen HVAC Today!

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