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Ecobee Smart Home Thermostats

Larsen HVAC & Plumbing offers Ecobee smart home thermostat installations. Most thermostats only read the temperature in one place (usually the hallway) which can make other rooms uncomfortable. Ecobee4 comes with a room sensor to help manage hot or cold spots. When you place sensors in your favorite rooms, Ecobee4 can read the temperature and detect occupancy. That’s how it ensures comfort in the rooms that matter.

Some Ecobee Features

  • Room sensor to help manage hot or cold spots

  • Comes with built-in Amazon Alexa Voice Service

  • Ask it to order groceries, read the news, and more

Honeywell Thermostats

By adding humidity to heated, dry air, the air feels warmer, helps reduce dry skin and static shock plus you can lower the thermostat and still be comfortable, while saving money.
Read more about the benefits of humidifiers on our page about Air Quality.

Some Honeywell Features

  • Total Connect Comfort voice command

  • Auto change from heating to cooling

  • Energy saving mode

Larsen HVAC & Plumbing provide same day installation for smart home and regular thermostats. Give us a call at 801-930-5450.