5 Reasons to Get a Spring AC Tune-Up

Posted by Shawn Larsen | AC Maintenance | Posted on June 1, 2021

90% of American households have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system installed but how many of them have regular maintenance performed. Since we’re so used to relying on an air conditioning system, when it stops functioning, life can be downright miserable. Not only that, extended exposure to high temperatures can cause heatstroke. In most instances though, AC breakdowns can be avoided. With regular tune-ups of your home’s air conditioning system, you can ensure your home remains at a safe and comfortable temperature even on the hottest days.
Because AC systems are so important to your comfort and safety, it’s important to invest in tune-ups (preventative maintenance) to ensure that they continue to function properly. If you’re like us, you’ll want to blast your AC through the whole summer to avoid the heat, so consider getting a tune-up during spring before things really heat up. Here are five reasons why you should dedicate springtime to a tune-up of your HVAC system.

    1. Save on HVAC System Repair Costs

    Certified HVAC repair technicians are busiest during the summer and winter seasons when many systems malfunction due to extended use. During summer, when repair technicians are in demand, prices may rise with the temperature. The average cost for an AC system repair is between $150 and $450. Most homeowners spend around $300 for an AC system repair.
    If you get an HVAC contractor to conduct a tune-up during slow seasons, you can usually save on repair costs since repair services are usually in low demand during these times. Also, if you have someone conduct routine maintenance for your AC system, your air conditioner can go a lot longer without needing expensive repairs.
    Detecting and taking care of minor issues in your air conditioning system early on can also prevent major problems from developing. Seemingly minor HVAC system problems may develop into major problems with constant use. So, if you run your AC 24/7 in the summer, there is a greater risk of malfunction. Since AC technicians have hourly rates, for major problems, you may also need to pay more since they take longer to fix.
    Because of this, it’s in your best interest to conduct an AC tune-up in the spring, when it’s not as expensive. While we’re inspecting your AC system, we can identify and fix which parts may be vulnerable to malfunction so you can avoid major repair costs.

    2. Save on Monthly Utility Bills

    If you fail to conduct proper maintenance on your AC system, you can expect debris buildup that leads to poor performance. For instance, in order to maintain an AC unit, you’ll need to have the filters and coils cleaned so that they don’t get clogged from extended use. Not only will this help to prevent your system from breaking, but it will help your air conditioner to be more efficient. A dirty filter restricts airflow causing temperature changes to take longer.
    When your system has a dirty filter or some other malfunction, your air conditioning won’t cool your house the way you’d expect it to. You may need to keep it on for a long time before it finally reaches a level you are comfortable with. All that extra wasted time and power needed to run your HVAC system can cause your energy bills to skyrocket.
    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5%-15% when you conduct regular tune-ups. Since this is the case, consider an HVAC tune-up to get rid of the debris clogging your air conditioner system to ensure that it will eat up as little energy as possible so you can cut down on your utility expenses.

    3. Save on Potential Medical Bills

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that indoor organic air pollution is up to five times worse than outdoor air pollution. Such pollution comes from several sources including household solvent products like paints and paint thinners, wood preservatives, aerosol sprays, cleansers, disinfectants, bug sprays, air fresheners, dry-cleaned clothing, and any fuels you keep in your home.
    The gases from these sources may cause debilitating health conditions especially if they become more concentrated due to poor ventilation. These health conditions include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat; nausea; migraines; loss of coordination; and liver, kidney, and central nervous system damage.
    Long-term exposure to air pollution can damage your neurological, reproductive, and respiratory systems. This damage may lead to cancer and even death. If you have any pets, you are also putting them at risk for chronic illnesses that come from these pollutants. Such conditions may begin with what you think might be simple allergies due to clogged air filters in your HVAC system.
    No one wants to be sick so consider tuning up your HVAC system in the spring, to make sure that you have cleaner and healthier indoor air especially during the summer months when you are surely going to use your system a lot.

    4. Extend Your AC System's Performance

    Getting a spring AC tune-up, ensures that your AC system performs optimally during a period of the year where you’ll use it the most. Since you are most likely going to keep your cooling system on for most of the summertime, air conditioning maintenance during the season before is essential to prepare for that extended usage.
    Conducting a tune-up during the season before you are going to use your HVAC system for extended periods helps you identify whether it is ready to work 24/7. Professionals can assess which parts may need repair, and can even immediately fix the problem. Often during AC maintenance, the HVAC technician will need to shut down the system and this is much more pleasant during the mild temperatures of spring than in the blazing heat of summer. Having your HVAC system evaluated during the times when you have less of a need for it can allow a technician to detect potential problems early on and fix them. Then during those summer months and onward there should be nothing stopping your AC from efficiently maintaining the temperature you want.

    5. Extend Your HVAC System's Overall Lifespan

    Besides saving money on bills and allowing your AC system to operate longer, a spring tune-up extends your AC system’s overall lifespan by making sure it is operational and efficient for as long as possible.
    Tune-ups for AC systems are like check-ups for humans. You get check-ups to make sure that everything in your body is working correctly, so that you can live happily for a long time. Similarly, you should have regular check ups on your AC system so that it’ll keep working for a long time to come. Replacing an HVAC system can be expensive so the longer that you can preserve your current air conditioning and heating system, the better it’ll be for your wallet.


    A spring AC tune-up is a maintenance operation we perform for your ventilation and air conditioning system to make sure it operates efficiently. Getting a tune-up in spring is an ideal strategy that we recommend to save on repair costs, monthly utility bills, and potential medical bills while extending its performance and overall lifespan.
    Since you won’t need your air conditioner as much during the spring, take advantage of this time of year and call us today! We’ll see if there are any issues with your unit that might need fixing. Take our word for it, this is the least painful and easiest time of year for you to have your air conditioning tuned up, and right now Larsen HVAC is even running a spring tune-up special. Reach out to us today and we’ll give you a great deal on an AC tune-up that will help keep your home cool all summer long.

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